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Final Shirokan

"There is my flower~"


 Nodoku sat by the cliff and looked out at the sunset view. The forest looked as if it stretched out forever, with strong beauty.
He sighed and closed his eyes. His master cursed him all along. He was forced to kill innocent people. Luckily, he warned them and faked the deaths.
His next prey was Ryujin. He could never kill the kid. After all he's done for him. Nodoku gritted his teeth and tried to keep the tears hidden.
Grand Master ordered him to be killed, otherwise he would suffer.

This whole time he was possessed. His family, dead. Only him, lonely and tired.

"Hey Nodo," Ryujin cooed as he sat next to Nodoku. His eyes were bright yellow but his hair was somehow black instead of the many glows of orange, red, and yellow.
"H-hey.." Nodoku said as the younger and shorter male looked at him.
"What's wrong?" Ryujin asked.

Nodoku was wounded from the beating he got from Grand Master. His cuts were wrapped over by Ryujin. His bandages were over Nodoku's uniform, which was torn apart as well.
He got up and walked towards the tent. They only had one.
Ryujin turned around and gazed at him.

It was nightfall and Ryujin was done cooking. Nodoku was off somewhere and Ryujin was sleepy. He yawned and covered the pot of food and headed to the tent to sleep.
Ryu was deep asleep but heard Nodoku get in the tent as well. He faced the opposite way and Ryujin acted as if he was still asleep. Nodoku stayed quiet as he removed his scarf and covered himself with the
blankets. Ryujin grinned and turned around ever so quietly, Nodoku didn't notice anything. Nodoku was facing the other way, his back to Ryujin. He then saw that his bandages were now with more blood.
Ryuji sighed and placed his black gloved hand on his arm. Nodoku flinched and groaned.

"Ryu, you awake?" Nodoku asked hoarsely.
"Yeah, you okay Nodo?" Ryujin asked. Nodoku stayed quiet. He had to warn him someday.
"Nodo?" Ryujin asked him sweetly. He then turned around to face Ryu.
"I.. need to warn you about something.." Nodoku sighed and gave Ryujin a soft gaze. Nodoku's eyes were dark blue instead of a bright. This was now serious.
"Your eyes.. but you never feel sadness... and compassion.." Ryujin looked at them.
"I know, but you have to know this.." Nodoku gulped. "Grand Master.."
"Yeah?" Ryu asked impatiently. Nodoku placed his huge hand on the younger one's shoulder.
"He wants me to kill you today," He replied. Ryujin froze. He then backed away from him.
"No..." Ryujin backed up with fear.
"It's okay Ryu.. I won't do it I promise," Nodoku whined as he looked up at Ryu, his eyes filled with tears. Ryujin stopped moving and looked at him. He was not kidding.

"That damned bat.. killed off my family this day, 13 years ago.." Nodoku sniffed and looked away. "I hate him.."

Ryujin stood quiet. Should he trust him?
They both heard a creak and they froze. Ryujin felt his blood go cold. Something bad was near them.

"Stay quiet Nodoku," Ryujin looked around.
"WATCH OUT!" Nodo yelled as Ryujin was stabbed by a blade that was thrown into the tent. He gasped from the pain and cried.

Nodoku growled and jumped out of the tent. Assassin ghouls.
They screeched and chased Nodoku. He spat and gathered energy as he lead them away from the tent.

"YOU WANT SOME COME AND GET IT!" He yelled and threw an energy globe at them, quickly disinigrating them. He backed up and gasped for air. Ryujin.

He sprinted back and went to check on him. Others were there, this time there was 1 assassin troop from the black nation.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Nodoku ran at him and morphed into a dragon hybrid. Not all the way but half dragon/ half human.
The assassin dropped Ryujin to the hard ground and pulled out a sword.

"Get any closer and I will end his life here," The assassin grinned though the cloth over his mouth.

Nodoku froze and glared at him.

"I can see that you have mutated... its about time," The assassin chuckled.
"Be quiet you piece of.." Nodoku then looked at himself. He only turns like this when he his hyper raged or when he cares.
"Cute, you care for the boy," He sneered and hovered the sword over Ryujin's head.
"Nodoku..." Ryujin said softly and looked at him with a soft and saddended gaze. It killed Nodoku to see him like that. Ryu's face was full of blood, and so was his body.
"Your choice dragon boy," He responded.

Nodoku then stood still and sighed.
"No," He growled and swiftly pushed the guy away from Ryujin.
"LET ME GO YOU TRASHED UP PIG!" The assassin then stabbed Nodoku on the ribs. He felt no pain, only hatred.
"STAY AWAY FROM RYU!" Nodoku hissed, showing off his huge jaws and punching the man everywhere with stabs til he was dead. Afterwards, his tail hovered
over the body, freezing it to make sure he was dead. A mark Nodoku leaves after assassination.

Nodoku gasped and got up. Blood poured out from his stomach. He coughed and went over to Ryujin.
Ryujin was cold and his color was faded completely. Only a tiny glow was left in his eyes.

"Nodo..kuu.." Ryujin whispered and tried to lift his arms. He was feeling weak and his soul was leaving quickly.
"Shh... don't say anything Ryu, I'll fix this," Nodoku then stroked his cheek and carried him bridal style. He was surprisingly super light.

He then sprinted towards the tent to retrieve any medications and such. He laid Ryujin down softly to search. All he had was an extra bottle of healing potion and a medic wrap. He then tied the wrapped his shoulder, where it bled the most.
Afterwards, Nodoku looked down at him. He felt pure guiltiness. He grabbed the potion and lifted Ryujin's head from the ground slightly. He was too weak to swallow the potion, so he would have to give it orally.

He then popped the potion open and placed some in his mouth. Then, Nodoku leaned towards Ryu. Since he was pretty much full health, the potion will have more effect on Ryu.

'He will so kill me after this,' Nodoku thought and chuckled. He then placed his mouth onto Ryujin's and helped him swallow the potion. Once most of it was down his throat, Nodoku casted a healing spell in his mind to
help him heal quicker. For about 10-15 seconds of having his mouth pressed onto Ryujin's he let go. Nodoku looked down to see Ryujin slightly sleepy/ pale. Did it work?

"Ryu?" Nodoku called out softly and poked him. No response. His eyes were literally gray by now. "RYU WAKE UP!" Nodoku cried.

Ryujin still laid still, with a tiny speck of life. Nodoku felt tears run down his face as he looked at Ryu. He then growled and softly picked him up for a hug.

"I'm so sorry," Nodoku said while gritting his teeth and crying. His blue tint started to fade down due to his sadness, which was really rare.

He then held the tiny figure tight as he sat on the ground, legs crossed. Nodoku's tail wrapped around Ryujin's waist to keep him close as he cried. Nodoku placed Ryujin's head onto his shoulder as he stroked the red/ fire-like feathers.
Nodoku then heard a small groan and a cough. He then grinned like a wolf and hugged Ryujin tighter.

"HAH I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T DIE!" Nodoku grinned still as he lifted Ryujin off his shoulder and came face to face with him.
"F-firt of all, why am I in this position?" Ryujin asked as he coughed and saw blue goo (potion) come out of his mouth. "DID YOU-!"
"Mhm, might as well count as a kiss because you responded back HA!" Nodoku laughed and earned a punch to the cheek.
"You dog," Ryujin smirked and adjusted himself so he was sitting on Nodoku's lap comfortably. He then smirked and leaned foward to smash his mouth onto Nodoku.

Nodoku stayed in shock and growled. He then wrapped his arms around the kid and flipped him over so he lied his back on the grass, still connected to him.
Ryu then smirked and wrapped his arms around Nodoku's neck to bring him closer. Nodoku then placed both of his arms on the ground, one on each side of Ryujin's head. He then though of an idea.
He then grabbed Ryujin's legs and wrapped them around his waist, and leaned his huge body foward to keep them there. Afterwards, with his left arm, he started to stroke the feathers on his scarf.

"Nnnn.." Ryujin mewled though the kiss and shoved his tongue into Nodoku's mouth. Ryu then grabbed Nodoku's hair and bucked his hips.
"So impatien eh?" Nodoku said as he let go from the kiss. Ryujin stayed on the ground gasping as he saw how he was now.
"S-shut up.." Ryujin gasped as he felt Nodoku stroke his feathers and press against him. "Gahh..."

Nodoku smirked and loosened Ryujin's martial arts belt and tied it around his mouth to keep him quiet.
Ryujin growled as he did so.

"Next time you will see kido," Nodoku grinned and got off of him.
"Whatever," He mumbled as he took the belt off from his mouth.

"RYUJIN YOU THERE BRO!" Sukagi yelled as he searched around for his little bro.
"Ugh there he is again," Ryujin sighed.
"Lets ditch him," Nodoku grinned, showing off his fangs.
"Yeah," Ryujin chuckled and yelped as he got lifted and thrown onto Nodoku's shoulder.
"You are super light dude, almost like a doll," Nodoku spat.
"SHUT IT!!" Ryujin slapped the behind of his head and laughed.

For those Nodoku/Ryujin fans~

With a hint of spice and heat
And I ended it harshly LOL


So yesh <3

I don't know if this is even mature and what not o-o
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MixzRemixzd Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I know I missed alot when the workhammer came down but this is....different? I'm not sure I'm pulling the right facial expression but I'll go back to reading the legit FS :P
SanSanChii Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yeah xD
This is not a chapter

its just a requested fic people wanted to see about this ship ^3^
The FS chapters haven't been uploaded yet but around... next month?

Maybe xD
It all depends since I am currently in a artist block for FS T^T yeah.. sucks
LilyClouds Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014   Digital Artist
*reads and goes to the last part* *throws beer and coke away* well that escalated quickly :/ XDD
SanSanChii Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist

Should be here today :3

LilyClouds Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014   Digital Artist

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SanSanChii Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Stormie-Cloud Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
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SanSanChii Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yeah... weird huh? XDD

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Stormie-Cloud Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
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